1. Personalized training
              For Every Goal

              Cortex builds a unique workout plan, personalized to each user BUILD Cortex adapts and evolves training for the absolute best results EVOLVE 50 Cortex tracks and analyzes workout progress from set to set ANALYZE BB Back Squat 185 POUNDS REPS 5 INFO REPLACE DONE Cortex gives guidance on every set, learning from users as they train TRAIN

              Powered By Cortex

              Volts revolutionary performance training AI builds, tracks, adapts, and evolves each user's workout plan for continually personalized training, set by set.


              Fuel your workout with everything from motivation and inspiration to leading nutrition, hydration, and recovery resources backed by Gatorade science.


              With all the instruction and resources users need to execute every workout safelyincluding 3,000+ exercises to customize their trainingthe Volt app makes it easy for users to stay accountable, no matter where they're training.

              In 4 months, I've made more gains than I did in 1.5 years on my own. I absolutely love this app.

              app store review

              We just had our spring tournament where we played 14 setsand didn't lose A SINGLE SET! The girls were in great shape.

              Jack Nummerdor
              Holton High School

              Trusted byOver 1 MillionPeople

              They are kicking the ball way harder than last year. They've out-jumped the plyo boxes so we have to get bigger ones!

              Al Shorey
              Darlington School

              I love the ability to train with the personalized advice and guidance of a coach even when I'm on the road.

              app store review

              I have 20 years of coaching experience, and I could not have spent my money on anything better than Volt.

              Zach Raber
              Trine University

              Like having a personal trainer for your phone.

              app store review

              I don't have time to build programs from scratchso I don't understand why a coach would get anything other than Volt!

              Joe Todd
              Milford High School

              Since we started using Volt a couple months ago, we have already seen an increase in strength and speed across our team.

              Jenna Handshoe
              Tusculum College

              I love this app! It's so easy to use and after every workout, I feel the burn!!

              app store review

              I am running faster than ever and my core has never been this strong.

              App Store Review

              Volt is a game-changer for us. We are definitely the envy of a lot of other athletic programs around the school!

              Chris Adams
              Shakopee High School

              We had the fewest number of injuries this season and that is directly because of the Volt system.

              Rich Carillo
              Royal High School

              Two years ago we struggled to have kids rep 135. After training on Volt for a year, we are repping 225!

              Donnie Kerns
              Buckeye Trail High School

              These workouts are easy to follow and they kick your butt. Same way my college strength coach used to work our team out.

              App Store Review

              I am constantly getting comments from other coaches about how fit our team is!

              Constantine Ananiadis
              Oberlin College

              This app is not like the million other fitness tracking apps...it actually has science and research behind it.

              Sara Mos
              App Store Review

              Volt is the best program I've ever used for training our athletes. It is affordable, organized, and challenging.

              Rich Albonizio
              Hall of Fame Coach

              Volt ensures that each athlete is being pushed in their workouts to gain maximum results.

              Gus MacLeod
              St. Michael's College

              Since starting Volt, not only am I 19 lb leaner, but this is the strongest I've been in years. Volt is legit!

              Nick Evans
              Atavus Rugby

              Volt is the only program that I have used in all 20 years of coaching that resulted in strength gains during the season.

              Clint Gard
              Rochester High School

              Volt makes our job easier, and weve seen a tremendous effect on my athletes' athleticism and performance.

              Constantine Ananiadis
              Oberlin College

              We are 7-0 and won our league championshipand our team is the healthiest we have ever been at this point in the season!

              Tom Kick
              Zimmerman High School

              After getting my swim team training on Volt, my swimmers are in the best shape Ive ever seen in my years of coaching.

              Derek Amerman
              Peoria Notre Dame HS

              We were averaging 1.5 ACL tears every year for 10 yearsbut havent had a single one since starting Volt 3 years ago!

              Andy Kaplan
              Reinhardt University
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